How to know if you are depressed?


How to know if you are clinically depressed?

You probably hear at least one coworker or a friend talking about how “depressed” they are or how “depressing” something is. The term used in everyday language differs highly compared with clinical depression that usually takes place behind closed doors. If one is clinically depressed, they probably will not admit it. They will hide in their bedroom, between their sheets, not even wanting to get out of their room.

Here are 5 criteria to know if you are clinically depressed:

1. Feeling sad

You feel depressed almost every day, most of the day. You often feel empty and sad. Not only you feel this way but also people around you notice how sad you look and they are aware you are tearful and ready to cry any second.

2. No interest and pleasure

Remember how you used to wake up with joy because it was the day of your favorite activity? or how you had your daily routines everyday (i.e.exercising after work, reading before bedtime, happy hour every Thursday etc.) – you don’t do these anymore. You are either too tired to even leave your house to do something or you don’t remember what used to give you pleasure anymore.

3. Changes in sleep and appetite

You lost or gained significant amount of weight or experiencing an increase or decrease in your appetite, especially within the last two weeks. You either cannot sleep, or sleep a lot to a level that you don’t even want to leave your bed to go to work.

4. Tired all the time

Your movements are too slow that you don’t even feel like raising your arm or standing up from where you have been laying down for the last couple of hours. You feel tired most of the day even though you haven’t done much and feel like you don’t have any energy.

5. Negative thoughts

You blame yourself for everything that may have happened outside your control in the past. You feel guilty for feeling or thinking in a certain way. You feel worthless all the time and think that the world would have been a better place without you. Nobody needs you, nobody cares about you. Getting lost in these thoughts, you cannot focus on anything else and have poor concentration. Some people even think about ending their lives at this phase.

If these sound like what you or your loved one is going through, professional help may be needed before it gets worse.

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