Psychiatric Medications


Here are some facts about psychiatric medications:
Medications do not cure mental disorders; they treat symptoms. Some common symptoms could be sadness, fatigue, appetite, poor concentration. The medications are directed towards improving the quality of your life.
Some medications work in hours, some can take up to six weeks or longer. Everybody’s process and timeline is different. It is important to be patient after starting the medication as physical symptoms such as nausea and dizziness may occur.
Medications can change how you feel but not your personality. Some individuals worry about changing and “becoming a different person” when they start using medications. Medications target your symptoms, not your personality.
You should not stop a medication suddenly or without discussing it with your doctor. Just like how it takes time adjust to the medication when you first start, it takes time to adjust being without them. Make sure to consult with your doctor when you decide to get off of meds to prevent serious side-effects. 
Medications may affect sexual desire and performance.