They always tell you what to do. What about what not to do?

If you want to increase the quality of your life, have a good life and a happy relationship, be happy at work and be successful, there are a few things you need to stop doing.

People tell you what to do all the time but they don’t tell you what not to do. Here are 6 things for your not to do list:

  1. Impulsive purchases: Do not make purchases under pressure, don’t miss your bill payments and anticipate what you need.
  2. Taking notes in your head: You will not remember everything. My advise is always write them down. In your notebook or in your smart phone. Of course, remember to look at your list. Also, writing a task down makes you more accountable and it will make you act upon it.
  3. Bad posture: Standing up straight is a sign of high self-esteem and good impression.
  4. Procrastinate: Small things add up and create a lot of stress. Watch less television, sleep less, engage in health behaviors instead of smoking and drinking.
  5. Break promises: Be dependable, don’t forget or miss your appointments. Don’t give promises if you won’t be able to keep them. Learn how to say “no”
  6. Ignore problems: Problems still exist when you ignore them. Learn new ways to cope with problems rather than running away from them.

Good news is, you can learn and change all of these skills. Individual therapy can help you become aware of your unhealthy patterns and change them.

-Ipek Aykol, LMFT#97315