Why do we stay in bad relationships?

Have you ever questioned your friend or a loved one about why they maintain their relationship even though despite the low quality of his/her relationship?

How about yourself? Have you wondered why you maintain your relationship even though you don’t feel satisfied and you don’t feel happy? You are not alone and the following five reasons may help you increase insight into your relationship decisions.

1.You may have low expectations: Individuals with low-self esteem were found to set lower expectations on themselves and their partners in relationships. If you have low expectations, they are being met easier compared to high expectations. This may also point out to your low standards.

2. You may be focusing on their positive traits and ignoring their negative traits. You may be convincing yourself to stay in the relationship by choosing to focus on the positives.

3. Your partner may be emotionally manipulating you to stay in the relationship by belittling, demeaning or even threatening with violence.

4. You may have an investment in the relationship in terms of time and effort. This factor is one of the reasons why people maintain unhealth and “bad” relationships. Some people choose to focus on the past by emphasizing their past investment and they ignore their current difficulties and unhealthy dynamics.

If you are in an unhealthy relationship, you can seek support from your loved ones or from a professional to increase awareness. If your loved one is in an unhealthy relationship, you can talk to them and express your concern.

Ipek Aykol, LMFT 97315